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Just like traditional flossing, water flossing is a way to clean between and around your teeth. Unlike traditional flossing, however, no floss is required – instead, water flossing utilizes an electronic device that sprays thin streams of water in steady pulses. This water removes food from between your teeth just like floss.

When you eat and drink, plaque and particles from what you ingest build up around and between your teeth. If left unchecked, this buildup can breed bacteria that damage enamel, cause cavities, and can eventually lead to gingivitis. In extreme cases, diseases like periodontitis can occur if bacteria are left to spread.

Water flosses can be greatly effective at removing plaque and other bacteria from between your teeth. The removal of this plaque and bacteria can help prevent gum disease like gingivitis and can help keep your mouth clean and healthy. Those who have trouble flossing with traditional floss or those who dislike traditional flossing may be good candidates for water flossing. Water flossing can also be beneficial to those with braces, retainers, or fixed bridges to help floss in hard-to-reach places.

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