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I have a 6 year old autistic son, who hates being touched. As you can imagine this makes grooming and oral hygiene difficult.

Dr. Echeverri was amazing with him and he did not have the anxiety usually associated with dental visits while we were there.

Thank you Dr. Elsa for making his teeth better and making him feel comfortable during his exam!

-Mia B

Love love loveeee dr.kendrik (sry if i mispelled your last name doc.) Bt she was my doc. When i was young and now she is attending to my 6mnth old son. Im happy to say that i love there care for there patience, they attended all my brothers and if i didnt trust them i wouldnt have taken my son there today! Love echeverri dental center and i wouldnt go anywere else…SHOUT OUT TO GLORIA ;D


-Stephanie G

I love this office my daughter is disable and hate to be bothered but she comes here and feels fine getting her teeth tended too….Thanks dr.echeverri

-Latricia J

I love the Doctors and Dental assistants they are awesome with my kids we have been with them about 13 yrs maybe more love this PLACE

-Kimberly S

The only dentist I trust! They make it as low stress as possible and do great work.

-Kate W

Best dentist!! Dr. Echeverri is very informative, caring and doesn’t cause pain. If you need a dentist definitely choose this place! I live in Katy and its worth the drive.

-Raul D

Best dentist ever! I have 4 children and 3 of them have been going since their first dental

appointment when they were little kids. The staff is very sweet and Dr.Kendrick is loved by all my family. We drive all the way from Conroe to see them. Highly recommend this place!

-Konnie W

I been coming here since I was 7 years old it’s a great place, really nice service they speak Spanish and English. Since I was little all the doctors were so nice and sweet I remember they always made laugh and took precaution to make comfortable for me not to be afraid of anything. I had my brasses here to good experience they showed me how to take of my brasses can not complain. They will answer any question you have. Great place !

-Ana G

Dr. Echeverri is very passionate about her work and is caring and gentle. My son has special needs which she has accommodated quite well over the years including cleaning his teeth under anesthesia at Texas Childrens’ Hospital. I feel she has taken good care of my son’s teeth and can be trusted. Her office staff is fantastic as well.

-Amy S

I have to drive 25 miles to go with them but I don’t mind because they are my best choice since 21 yrs ago

-Maria M

My granddaughter is really scared of doctors, however there seems to be a science or art in play when she is there. Patience and persistence are qualities that stand just behind professionalism. I am very grateful for Echeverri Dental Center. Thanks!!!

-Christina W