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Many parents have questions about their child’s oral health, and the best ways to help keep their child’s teeth and gums healthy. Echeverri Dental Center has provided this page of frequently asked questions to offer more information on pediatric dentistry in Houston, Texas. If you have further questions, and to make your child’s appointment with our pediatric dentists, please call 713-956-8767 today.

Why are baby teeth important?

Baby teeth are more important than most people realize. Your child’s primary teeth help your child to chew and learn to speak properly, and save space for the permanent teeth in your child’s mouth. They should be kept in place until they are lost naturally.

What can I do when my baby is teething?

We recommend a clean teething ring, cold spoon, or a cold washcloth. You can also try massaging your child’s gums with a clean finger.

How do cavities form?

When sugars or carbohydrates are left in the mouth, they provide food for bacteria, which then produces plaque and acids that corrode the teeth. Our pediatric dentists can help your child keep bacteria from organizing into harmful colonies, develop healthy eating habits, and develop healthy oral hygiene habits. We will also provide treatments to help keep your child’s teeth strong and healthy.

When should I stop bottle-feeding?

We recommend that your child be weaned from the bottle between 12-14 months.

How can I prevent tooth decay from bottle or breast-feeding?

You should avoid breast-feeding after the first baby teeth begin to erupt and other sources of nutrition have bene introduced. If your child takes a bottle to bed, fill it only with water. Drinking sweet fluids, formula, or juice from the bottle can deposit sugars in the mouth and lead to decay.

How often should my child visit the dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists recommends that children visit the dentist at least twice a year, though more frequent visit may be necessary depending on your child’s needs. Your pediatric dentist will determine the best appointment schedule for your child.

Why do I need to visit the dentist twice a year if my child has never had a cavity?

Regular visits help your child remain free of cavities by removing the debris and plaque that build up on the teeth, irritating the gums and causing decay. Our pediatric dentists also use these regular visits to monitor your child’s growth and development, and can identify the need for additional fluoride, changes in diet, sealants, or orthodontic treatments, and provide additional instructions on oral hygiene care while at home. All of this helps to keep your child’s teeth and gums cleaner and healthier.

What happens in a dental checkup?

Our pediatric dentists will briefly review your child’s medical and dental history before gently examining his or her teeth, gums, and jaws. Your child’s teeth will be cleaned and polished, and a fluoride treatment will be provided.

Will X-Rays be taken at every appointment?

No. Our pediatric dentists recommend x-rays only when necessary to help protect your child’s dental health. For example, we may take x-rays when we need to diagnose tooth decay or other abnormalities found during a routine examination.

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