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Many dental injuries in children are the result of some kind of dental trauma. Dental trauma can be limited, or even avoided, by close supervision during play and by stopping your child from putting foreign objects in his or her mouth. If your child experiences a dental trauma in Houston, Texas, please contact Echeverri Dental Center at 713-956-8767. Our pediatric dentists can provide instructions on temporary care for a number of injuries, and will arrange a time for you to bring your child to our office for a checkup.

Some dental traumas your child may experience include:

  • Toothache – If your child is experiencing discomfort in his or her gums, he or she may confuse it with tooth pain. Clean the affected area and rinse the mouth gentle with warm water, or use dental floss, to dislodge any food that may be stuck in your child’s teeth.  If pain persists, please call our office.  Do NOT place heat or aspirin on the gum or the aching tooth.  If your child’s face is swollen, apply a cold compress.
  • Cut or Bitten Tongue, Lip, or Cheek – If your child’s soft tissues have been cut or bitten, apply ice or a cold compress to the affected area. If there is bleeding, apply pressure with a gauze or cloth to stop it.  If pressure does not stop the bleeding, call our office.
  • Knocked out Baby Tooth – If one of your child’s primary teeth are knocked out, it is usually not an emergency. In most cases, no treatment will be necessary.  We do, however, advise that you bring your child to our office during normal business hours for an evaluation.
  • Knocked out Permanent Tooth – If one of your child’s permanent teeth I knocked out, try to find the tooth. Inspect it for fractures.  If the tooth is whole, gently rinse it with water – do NOT use soap – holding it by the crown, NOT the root.  If possible, place the tooth back in your child’s mouth, and have them hold it in place by gently biting on a gauze.  If the tooth cannot be placed back in the mouth, place it in a cup containing your child’s saliva or milk.  The tooth may also be carried in the mouth, beside the cheek, if your child is old enough to safely do so.  Bring your child in to our practice, along with the tooth, immediately.  The sooner you come to our office, the more likely it is that we can replace the tooth.
  • Broken or Fractured Jaw – Keep your child’s jaw from moving, and take your child to the nearest emergency room immediately.
  • A Severe Blow to the Head – Take your child to the nearest emergency room immediately for examination.

If you have more questions about dental trauma and emergency treatments, please call our office at 713-956-8767.

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