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If missing teeth are making you hesitant to smile, a fixed dental bridge can help bring back your smile confidence. In fact, Echeverri Dental Center is pleased to offer fixed dental bridges as a restorative option for our patients in Houston, Texas, with missing teeth.

Why is a fixed bridge a good choice for missing teeth? By bridging the smile gap left behind by missing teeth, a bridge will help you regain your confidence comfortably. With a dental bridge, you will be able to speak and chew normally, prevent remaining teeth from shifting position, and maintain your facial features. A bridge can also distribute the forces in your bite correctly by replacing lost teeth.

So how does a bridge work to bring back your confidence?

1-A fixed dental bridge helps those who have lost their pearly whites and still have plenty of available jawbone material to support an implant.

2-Our dentist fixes the bridge by cementing it or screwing it into the bone.

3-Fixed bridges are typically made of porcelain fused to metal.

4-With a fixed dental bridge your teeth emerge from the gums so you won’t have anything going over your gums or touching the palate.

5-Maintaing your bridge is simple: take good care of your remaining teeth and gums through daily cleaning and bi-annual professional cleanings and exams. With proper care, your bridge may last longer than ten years.

Consuming a healthy diet along with good oral habits go a long way to making sure your smile will support your fixed bridge, and vice versa. If you would like to know more, we invite you to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled dentists, Drs. Juan Echeverri, Elsa Echeverri, Mildred Kendrick, Elizabeth Briceno, and Paola Salazar, by calling 713-956-8767 today.

Our Echeverri Dental Center team in Houston, Texas is happy to schedule a visit or answer any questions or concerns you have. We are excited to help you bring back your smile confidence!