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Everyone has had a moment of fear and panic when they experience dry mouth. It is a normal reaction to a stressful situation and quickly goes away when the moment passes. However, if you constantly experience a dry or sticky mouth, cracked lips, sores in your mouth, a burning sensation in your mouth or problems chewing and swallowing, you may want to talk with our dentist, Dr. Juan Echeverri about dry mouth.

Saliva keeps your mouth hydrated, but it also helps to remove the bacteria and acids that can lead to tooth decay and helps your body to break down your food for digestion.

Dry mouth can occur if your salivary glands do not function properly.  Some medications and diseases can lead to dry mouth, as well as some cancer treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy. Menopause can cause dry mouth in women. If you are having trouble with dry mouth, let talk to the dentist about your medications and medical conditions. This will help them to understand the problem, and they may want to consult with your physician.

To treat dry mouth, your dentist may prescribe an artificial saliva, or suggest that you drink more water. Your dentist may prescribe medication to stimulate your salivary glands. There are mouth rinses that contain ingredients to relieve the problem. Having a humidifier in your room at night may also help. Sugarless gum and candies will stimulate the production of saliva. You may need to cut back or avoid caffeinated drinks, alcohol or tobacco.

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