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We all know that great health starts with the food we put in our bodies. Oral health is no different! One particularly beneficial nutrient is calcium. It helps strengthen the enamel of your teeth and protects them from decay. Here are some great ways to include calcium in your diet.


Goat Cheese: All cheese contains calcium, and cheese made from cow’s milk is still great for your teeth. Cheese made with goat’s milk, however, has more protein and calcium per serving–yet, goat cheese has fewer calories and less fat than cow’s milk cheese! Give goat’s milk a try. Your teeth (and your tastebuds!) will thank you.


Beans: Beans are a powerhouse of nutrition, with vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, and–you guessed it–calcium. Just one cup of beans can provide you with almost half your daily requirement of calcium! Soybeans, white beans, and kidney beans are all solid sources of this necessary nutrient.


Dark Leafy Greens: Dark leafy greens such as kale and spinach provide lots of calcium, and are delicious to boot! Try them in a salad with fresh berries, grilled chicken or tofu, and some nuts for a nice crunch. All of these add up to a mouth-healthy, scrumptious lunch!


Water: Water is a necessity of life. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water in your efforts for good nutrition! Fluoridated water is especially good for your teeth, and is available to 75% of the United States. Try infusing it with fruits, vegetables, and herbs for extra nutrition and flavor. Try watermelon-cucumber, for example, or peach-blueberry! Try to avoid lots of citruses, as the prolonged acid exposure can be bad for your teeth.


As you eat well, your smile will shine brighter and your whole mouth will thank you. Talk with our team at Echeverri Dental Center in Houston, Texas, for more mouth-healthy tips! Please come and see us at our office, or give us a call at 713-956-8767. We are happy to help you!