We invite you to read the following articles written by Dr. Juan and Dr. Elsa. Our dentists are very academically active, continually writing papers and journal articles about dental issues, treatments, and innovations to improve the dental field and enhance your care at our dental office in Houston, Texas. They strive to remain current on all dentistry to ensure you are receiving the best possible treatments and results. To learn more about our dentists’ academic achievements and to schedule an appointment, you are welcome to contact Echeverri Dental Center today.

Winter 2021: Replacing Failing First Maxillary Molar in Adult with a Natural Approach. Page: 12

Summer 2020: Solving a Dolichocephalic Class III Case with a Transverse Constricted Maxillary by Using Modified Mechanical Approaches. Page: 14

Spring 2019: Corrected Anterior Crossbite in Primary Dentition Page: 18 Ortho Template

Fall 2018: Innovative Mechanics Needed to Correct Anterior and Posterior Class III Adult Malocclusion Page: 8

Spring 2018: Solving the Puzzle: Multiple Anterior Impacted Teeth and the Proper Mechanics Needed to Achieve Desired Results in Adolescents Page: 28

Summer 2017: Solving the Puzzle of Proper Anchorage to Save Mandibular Impacted Canines Page: 28

Spring 2017: Controlled skeletal anchorage: clinical case report solves puzzle of proper anchorage to achieve results in adult patients Page: 8

Winter 2016: Limited anchorage on permanent mandibular first molar is solved with new simplified appliance Page: 30

Winter 2015: Comprehensive orthodontic management of dental anatomical anomalies: a clinical case report Page: 10

Summer 2014: Anterior open bites: appliance & technique helps improve mechanics of maxillary molar intrusion Page:18

Spring 2014: Ortho management of special needs patients: treating open bite, anterior and posterior crossbite and compromised dentition Page: 16

November-December 2013: The third way: a creative approach to a Class II skeletal & dental situation, with protrusive maxilla and absence of a mandibular bicuspid in a young patient Page:34

September-October 2013: Balance & equilibrium: orthodontic treatment with tooth mass balance and skeletal anchorage assisted protraction to create balance Page: 26

July-August 2013: Using different types of anchorage and sliding mechanics: orthodontic treatment of Class III malocclusion Page: 37

May-June 2013: Anterior crossbite correction: correction of an anterior crossbite in deciduous dentition concentrating on the mandibular dentition Page:33

November-December 2012: Freedom to treat each arch independently: ortho treatment of Class II, Div II with canines in ectopic position Page: 19

January-February 2012: Unique approach to solve three issues: strategic correction of anterior open bite, excessive overjet & Class II malocclusion Page: 17

September-October 2011: Taming anterior open bite with mini screws Page: 25

March-April 2011: Multiple treatment modalities: management of Class III patient Page: 13

September-October 2010: Create better balance: finding a solution to distalization of maxillary arch in an adult patient including use of temporary anchorage devices Page: 27

May-June 2010: The “black box” alternative: creating and using digital model records Page: 31

March-April 2010: Treatment evolution: orthodontic & surgical management of an impacted maxillary canine Page: 13

Fall 2009: Techniques for interproximal reshaping of anterior teeth for orthodontic purposes Page: 35

Summer 2009: Face mask therapy: an overview of a maxillary advancement system in Class III treatment in primary & early mixed dentition Page: 31

Spring 2009: Missing Incisors: how to use orthodontics and mini dental implants for the restoration of the central maxillary incisor in young adolescent patients Page: 16