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As your child grows up their jaw and oral structures continue to grow. As this happens their twenty primary teeth are gradually replaced in succession by the thirty-two permanent teeth that need to serve them for the rest of their adult lives. Sometimes, multiple teeth can come into a limited area that the jaw structure can’t fully accommodate.

This can cause chips, dental fracture and dental attrition on multiple teeth related in their bite pattern. To prevent these significant complications, the orthodontists at Echeverri Dental Center’s Houston, Texas clinic can install a set of braces. Through the course of progressive adjustments, this can bring your son or daughter’s teeth into the proper alignment.

In an extreme case of overcrowding, our orthodontic specialists might recommend extracting one of the overcrowded teeth. This can create a small void that allows the neighboring teeth the space needed to be properly repositioned.

Afterward, your orthodontist might prescribe pain management or anti-inflammatory medications to help maintain their comfort during the recovery process. You shouldn’t be alarmed if the incision sites weep a little blood for day or two after the extraction. They can control the bleeding by lightly biting down on some rolled up sterile gauze. Once the bleeding stops they can gently clear away any blood clots and soothe the gums with a gently rinse of lukewarm salt water.

If possible, they should try not to chew on that side of your mouth until the gums have fully healed. You should also avoid using a straw when drinking. The suction could potentially pull a blood clot loose or otherwise affect the incision site.

If you live in the Houston, Texas area and your son or daughter is struggling with overcrowded teeth, you should call 713-956-8767 to set up an orthodontic consultation at Echeverri Dental Center’s clinic.